Turkish World

Five factories in Turkey, four in Germany and offices in France and United States make Baktat one of the leading food producers in Europe. Baktat is a conglomerate of 12 companies, whose foundation was laid in 1968 by five brothers. The company produces over 2500 food products – among which preserved fruits and vegetables, semi-prepared meals, ready-meals, pickles, sweets, jams, dairies, pulses, nuts and seeds, oils - that are exported in more than 52 countries. The company also produces an extensive range of bio products.

Olive Paste 190ml

Chillies in brine 190ml

Peppers in brine hot 190ml

Paprika paste hot 330ml

Paprika paste mild 330ml

Gherkins in brine sweet-sour 720nl

Jalapeno sliced Peppers 330ml

Garlic Puree 190ml

Ajvar mild 190ml

Tomato soup 65

Lentil soup with macaroni 65g

Mushroom cream soup 65g

Chicken cream soup 65g

White Beans 500gr

Red Lentils 500g

Yellow Lentils 500g

Green Lentils 500g

Chick Peas 500g

Borlotti Beans 500gr

Bulgur 500g

Flaked Red Pepper


Spices for Chicken

Spices for Pommes




Spices for Köfte

Meat spices

Meat spit spices

Tomato Paste 28-30% 800gr

Paprika Paste Mild 190gr

Green Beans in tomato sauce 350gr

Okra 720ml

Chick Peas 425ml

Grilled Peppers

Dried Tomatoes 200g

Dried Tomatoes in oil 580ml

Eggplant Salad 330ml

Stuffed wine leaves 400g

Stuffed paprikas 350g

White giant beans in sauce 400g

Stuffed Eggplants 350g

Okra in Tomatosauce 350g

Alice Peppermint Tea

Rosehip Tea 24x25g

Green Tea 25gr

Ceylon Tea Alice

Black Tea Natur 500g

Turkisch Coffee 100g

Turkisch Coffee 250g

Halva with cacao 350g

Halva with pistachios 350g

Halva vanilla flavour 350g

Chick peas with sesame puree 330g

Sesame Pasta 330ml

Pomegranate Syrup 350gr

Kadayif 400gr

Kemalpasa Biscuits 165g

Rose leaves in syrup 400gr