German World

In 1894 Zimmermann was founded as a small butcher family business in Thannhausen, Bavaria (between Stuttgart and Munich). In 1906 was nominated to the Bavarian purveyor to the court. Products in highest gourmet quality produced by using best technologies and the expertise and dedication of our highly trained staff.

Delicious luncheon meat 200grDelicious luncheon meat with coarsed pieces of meat, with aspic.

Delicious lyoner sausage 200grDelicious lyoner sausage mild flavoured

Delicious minced ham 200grDelicious minced ham with coarsed pieces of ham.

Liver sausage home-made style 200grLiver sausage, home-made style with a coarsed structure, hearty flavoured

Bavarian style sausages 550grBavarian style sausages with ham pieces in a fine natural casing, smoked with beech wood, with a marjoram-note, visual enclosure.

Delicious juicy sausages 565grDelicious juicy sausages in a fine natural casing, smoked with beech wood

White sausages Munich Style 530gr"Munich Style - Traditional bavarian” white sausage in premium quality. Plump and shiny, slightly marbled and deliciously, seasoned with parsley, mace, pepper and lemon - a typical bavarian delight