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In 1894 Zimmermann was founded as a small butcher family business in Thannhausen, Bavaria (between Stuttgart and Munich). In 1906 was nominated to the Bavarian purveyor to the court. Products in highest gourmet quality produced by using best technologies and the expertise and dedication of our highly trained staff.

Organic goulash soup 400mlOrganic goulash soup hearty and spicy, with biological beef and fresh vegetables, just 4 % fat

Organic ham sausage 200grOrganic ham sausage made from biological pork and beef hearty with a rough visible meat filling

Organic lentil stew with sausage pieces 400mlOrganic lentil stew with sausage pieces with biological lentils, fresh vegetables and sausage pieces, just 3 % fat

Organic spring stew 400mlOrganic spring stew with biological beef and a lot of fresh vegetables just 1 % fat

Organic Wiener Sausages 565grOrganic wiener sausages from organic pork and beef meat, lusty flavoured, firm in bite, in natural casing.