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Valfrutta is a consortium of farming cooperatives in Italy, leader in supplying high-quality fresh and packaged food products like fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals. Valfrutta stands for sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and highly innovative products in type, format and packaging.

Organic Tomato Sauce 700grValfrutta BIO Organic Tomato Sauce maintains all the natural goodness and freshness of the best organic Italian tomatoes. Certified and healthy, it is an essential ingredient for adding a touch of natural goodness, creaminess and flavour to your dishes.

Organic Tomato Pulp 400grThe mini chunks of Valfrutta BIO Organic Tomato Sauce contain the best of the most natural Italian tomatoes, grown in complete respect for the environment. Ideal for those who love the natural consistency of fresh tomatoes and ideal for adding flavour, taste and natural goodness to any dish.