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The success story of HUOBER pretzel started in a Stuttgart bakery, where a modern, traditional and quality oriented company emerge. The specialization in durable pretzels in a special quality has lead to the first pretzel factory in Baden Wuerttemberg.

Brezel Kinder 125grPretzels bring a lot of children joy. Children find the shape is somehow mysteriously smiling. Isn’t it then possible to bake pretzels with less salt? Worried mothers were asking us. With right, we recover! Here there are the Pretzel Children out of wheat flower “Bienenblüte” without salt on top.

Chili Mini 75 grChili Minis are produced in the same way, only the list of ingredients contains a specialty. The diligence in the forming process produces a fresh and crispy bite and the chill makes it a hot and spicy pleasure.

Grissini 100 grThe Grisette is also baked without lye like the beerstick. A little bit thinner and shorter it is a combination between a south German Beerstick and the Italian Grissini. A pinch of caraway and salt on the outside, rounds out the flavor.

Grissini with Cheese 100 grA little bit thinner and shorter it is a combination between a south German Beerstick and the Italian Grissini. The Emmentaler organic cheese, which crowns the taste here, comes from a cheese factory from the region Wangen in the Allgäu.

Longstick Sea Salt 125 grFor a longer joyful taste we developed the HUOBER LONGSTICKS. The shape of the extra-long sticks invites us to play with them. They are available in different varieties: This one classically with sea salt.

Party 250grIn one Mixture you find mini pretzels, sesame crackers and short sticks with poppy seeds, which we call “Mohnknabberle” (poppy seed snack). There is something for every ones taste.

Prinzess Brezel with salt 125grThe most elegant way of pretzel, that’s how the HUOBER Princess pretzels have often called by pretzel connoisseurs. Our little smaller and finer Princess pretzel has the same quality like her bigger sister. The dough also gets enough time and rest to rise. This is of benefit to the taste.

Schwäbische Knusperbrezel 175 grOur Swabian Crispy Pretzel just tastes good, because the dough also gets rest and time. That is the only way the taste can develop naturally during the production and needs no additives. A crispy durable bakery without any preservatives.

Sticks 175grFor decades the thin and crispy baked Huober saltsticks have been a salt lyce bakery classic. As a brezel producer we are striving for the best quality of salt sticks.